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As a registered user on the website, you will comply with the terms and conditions mentioned on our website. You will abide by all the posted guidelines presented on the website. The terms and conditions will be updated as per business needs and legal compliance. Hence, you are advised to go through the modified rules and regulations so that you can settle for the best service. Auto Insurance Quotes Online reserves the right to modify the guidelines at any point of time as per business needs. It is your responsibility to comply with the rules and regulations.

Usage of personal information

We take utmost care in presenting the most accurate information to customers. If your interests are not served, you do not have any rights to file a complaint or compensation from us. We are not responsible for any damage that you incur with the insurance company or third party through the information presented on our website.

Third party links

We might offer links to third party websites so that you can participate in various quizzes, surveys and online marketing campaigns. However, you should go through the terms and conditions of respective websites and we are not responsible for any contracts and agreements that you will sign with third party websites. Hence, you should deal with merchant links in a very diligent way and they should be dealt with discretion.

Registration information

Additional information about products and services will be offered based upon your consent. The registered information should be correct, up-to-date and it should be complete. If the information falls into the wrong hands because of your failure to present correct information on our website, we are not responsible for the loss.

Your representation

As you register for our service, you will agree that you are above 18 years old. You will also agree that you have not violated the rules & regulations. You will also accept that you will not violate terms and conditions in the coming days. The services offered on our website are meant for individuals only. No organizations and business establishments should use our services. Our services should not be used for commercial gains.

Sharing of information

The information present on ‘Auto Insurance Quotes Online’ should not be shared on other websites or reproduced on any online or offline source without our permission. The copying, duplication and aggregation of data should not be done without our permission.

Violation of terms and conditions

If it is realized that user violated the terms and conditions, the access to our website will be denied. We are not responsible for any kind of loss that you make through our restricted services.

Absolute rights

Auto Insurance Quotes Online holds absolute rights on the information presented through our website. The service will be offered and should be used in ‘as is’ condition and we do not extend any express warranty.

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